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Finding opportunities in the midst of adversity.



Constantly analyzing outcomes to deliver improvement.



Earning respect, building trust and communicating clearly.


Back in the day, when we started as a brand new company at the end of 2011 after our spin-off from a pipeline conglomerate, we rolled out six core values for our workforce.

We were inspired, involved, determined, disciplined, committed and connected. We're still all those things, but six was a long list and (quite frankly) really hard to recall offhand.

They served their purpose, but today we want something that's simpler and more memorable since our company culture and business portfolio have radically changed.


More than 50 people across the company participated in focus groups to recreate and rewrite our new values that were introduced just in time for 2020.

One of our key stakeholders in Tulsa says they're spot-on. She said, "Those values are totally foundational. I've seen all those things in my interactions with WPX people."

Our President Clay Gaspar was instrumental in introducing the new values to our organization. Here's a video of Clay talking about the importance of defining who we are.

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WPX experts like JoDell Mizoue help the company comply with federal and state regulations.

Environmentally Sound

Environmentally Sound

We believe doing what’s right means going beyond what’s required.

Shared Interests

Shared Interests

We’re committed to the environment and quality of life in all of our communities.



In addition to a 401k match, WPX also makes annual contributions to employee 401k accounts ranging from 6-8% of salary based on age.

WPX: A Total Transformation

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