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Manohar Nikkam

“One who wins or conquers the heart,” is how some might refer to Manohar Nikkam. Not only is this the meaning of the name, Manohar, but it’s also how he’s revered by his colleagues at WPX.

Born in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, Manohar speaks five languages.

These include the national language (Hindi), the regional language of the state in which he was born (Telugu), the language spoken at the university he attended (Kannada), and the mother language he speaks at home (Marathi) – not to mention English. So, yes, you could say Manohar has the gift of gab.

He’s also well versed in information technology. Manohar has a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mysore in India. He also has a master’s in Telecomputing Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. 

Manohar came to the U.S. in 1999 to work in IT. He took on SharePoint consulting work and served as a software consultant. As a result of his SharePoint expertise, he came to the company in 2010 to support an implementation project.  

At WPX, Manohar does a lot of technical work, including programming support and administration for software applications such as the SharePoint platform, which houses our company intranet and is accessed by employees daily.

Manohar loves working with his colleagues and enjoys the camaraderie and team environment.

“They are nice people who are reliable and honest,” he says. “In our work, we find creative ways to develop solutions to meet client needs.”   

Manohar volunteers as the treasurer for the India Association of Greater Tulsa (a nonprofit organization focused on educating communities about Indian culture), the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma and the Route 66 Marathon.

Manohar is also passionate about cooking for his family, nature photography and doing carpentry work around the house.

“I started carpentry a couple of years ago. I find a need and then try to fashion a solution out of woodwork,” he says. “I also love to cook dishes for my family that are reminiscent of my homeland.” 


“In our work, we find creative ways to develop solutions to meet client needs.”

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