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2016 United Way Campaign

Even as WPX and companies in our sector continue to look for ways to navigate tighter commodity prices, some things remain the same: community involvement and support.

Here's proof. WPX employees in Tulsa recently raised $431,000 for the Tulsa Area United Way. Our giving in 2016 was 20 percent higher than $358,000 last year.

The results are driven by employees pledges and a variety of fundraisers, including the sale of jeans passes and a bowling competition.

The 2016 total breaks out to an average of nearly $1,000 per employee. WPX employs 450 people at its headquarters.

WPX CEO Rick Muncrief said, "These are really impressive numbers when you consider that our organization is getting smaller, coupled with how the impact of lower commodity prices has weighed heavily on our minds and our industry. 

"It shows me that our people have tremendous capacity to work through tough times and to stay focused on the things that matter most, including helping others who have serious, significant needs."

Employees (120) also participated in the Sept. 9 city-wide Day of Caring, washing school buses, replacing a section of sidewalk, landscaping and painting. 

Since 2012, WPX has now raised more than $2.2 for the Tulsa Area United Way. Company-wide, WPX has raised more than $3 million for various United Chapters in our operating areas, including New Mexico and North Dakota.


Over the past five years, employees at WPX headquarters have raised more than $2.2 million for the Tulsa Area United Way.

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