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Andrea Gill

Andrea Gill took a plunge into a career in oil and gas because of its complexity.

“I enjoy a challenge and I love to learn. With any new subject, first you have to adapt to what feels like a foreign language.

“I discovered it was best to admit that I didn’t speak the language yet, and seek out all the clarity I could.”

The approach paid off. Since starting in 2011, she has worked in five groups at WPX through the Professional Development Program.

Today, Andrea is a Senior Commercial Project Analyst in business development. She has a bachelor’s degree with a double emphasis in Finance and Economics, as well as an MBA.

During her time at Mizzou (aka the University of Missouri), there was a big push toward softer skills and emotional intelligence. 

She recognizes how these skills prepared her to work in acquisition and divestitures – a world that requires interacting with people and personalities at a variety of companies.

As a devoted learner, she’s also observed different leaders at WPX and is grateful for those who helped her understand the business. 

“I’m most thankful that my current manager set me up with a mentor, Angela Kouplen. My growth as a professional has been fueled by mentoring,” she explains.

The favorite part of her job is the relationships she has within her department.

“Everyone is extremely hard working,” she stated. The small group – just a handful of people – has accomplished an impressive 21 transactions (worth nearly $8 billion) since 2012.

Her favorite memory was in 2014 during the sale of WPX’s natural gas holdings in western Colorado.

With little time to take a breather, her group kept the deal moving forward as they peeked in on Super Bowl XLVIII, including the halftime show with Bruno Mars, in a conference room. 

The team ended up staying at the office until 3 a.m. as negotiations progressed throughout the night. At 8 a.m. the next morning, the deal was ready to finalize. That’s getting it done!


Andrea says three things are critical to her career development:

1. Focusing on emotional intelligence.

2. Valuing and utilizing her mentors.

3. Maintaining flexibility to keep learning.

WPX: A Total Transformation

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An $8 billion turnaround story

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