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Alex McPhail

Alex McPhail isn’t going to let anyone fail. He started with himself.

He once quit high school...and then aced college at the University of Tulsa. That’s quite a turnaround for a kid who just needed to find his way.

He found his calling in the university’s Energy Management program, which led to a career as a land professional in oil and gas. He also worked at Concho Resources and Rebellion Energy before joining WPX.

The first thing that caught his interest was the company’s core values.

“I’ve always been at companies with strong core assets who were growing. I saw the milestones WPX was achieving and it made my decision easy,” he explained.

Since joining WPX’s land department, Alex has focused on the nuts and bolts of how to optimize processes and procedures. It goes back to not wanting anyone to fail – especially his colleagues.

“Alex has identified efficiencies for us and best practices we can implement across our function from the field to our home office,” says Greg Geist, WPX’s VP of Land.

“I would say he’s helped us improve how communication flows through the group and kept a keen eye on our budget and studying key clauses in our lease agreements.”

All that, just within his first year at the company. He also helped represent WPX at the North American Prospect Expo in Houston in February, which is a “who’s who” kind of conference in energy.

At the same time, Alex is volunteering with Reading Partners in Tulsa where he spends an hour a week mentoring a student.

He first got involved through a “Snack-N-Learn” at WPX where non-profits come in to make their pitch.

“For me, it was actually intimidating, but I thought I could help because of what I went through in school just needing more focus,” Alex says.

“I’m really proud of the student I work with and what he’s accomplishing. It makes both of us feel good. 

“The one-to-one aspect of the program allows you to directly invest in their success. The impact on the student is tangible and visible.

“When you think about it, the time commitment is totally manageable because WPX gives you the time to go do it during business hours,” Alex added.

“That says a lot about the company’s commitment to me and our desire to be civically involved in the things that make our community stronger.”

WPX’s local involvement, company culture and growth outlook have made it one of the top companies to work for in Tulsa, according to the job site Zippia.


Alex spends an hour each week at an elementary school in Tulsa through the Reading Partners program. WPX allows employees to do this during business hours.

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