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Our efforts in colorado have proven that when a company approaches a resource play strategically, the benefits can be far-reaching and long-term.


Largest Producer in Colorado

We produce more natural gas in Colorado than anyone else in the state and do it 20 to 30 percent more efficiently than our peers. Our 4,400 active wells produce enough to fuel 3 million homes per day. We’re poised to ramp up production even more when the time is right.

Technological Firsts

We’ve made major innovations and are using the lessons learned here throughout our operations.

  • We put our rigs on tracks. Instead of having to move the rig and build a new pad, it slides, saving time and money.
  • We built a rig that runs entirely on natural gas. They’re less expensive and have far lower emissions.
  • We were one of the first to use Poly Diamond Crystal drill bits, which are faster and don’t break.
  • Through the use of multi-pad drilling, we can drill as many as 22 wells from a single pad. And in the process, we use 75 percent less land.
  • The remote fracturing pads we developed, close to a football field away from the wells, make fracturing faster and more efficient.
  • We were the first to bring aspects of an offshore technology (SIMOPS) onshore. We found a way to drill, complete and produce wells on the same pad at the same time.
  • We worked with Nabors Drilling Company to modify an existing rig to fit into the tight, narrow canyons and topography of the Rocky Mountains. This split rig requires about half the acreage of a typical drilling pad.

economic impact

$475 million

2014 capital budget for drilling in the Piceance Basin

$129 million

Royalties received by private landowners in 2013

$53 million

Ad valorem and personal property taxes paid in 2013

$48 million

Royalties for our in-state wells on federal lands in 2013

$52 million

2013 statewide payroll


Vendors and service providers we’ve used in Colorado

Water Management

We recycle 100 percent of the water we use at our multiphase filtration plants in Parachute and Rulison. In fact, we’ve used some of the water for five years. It’s more environmentally friendly, more efficient and in the long run, it’s very cost-effective. Over time, we have eliminated 90,000 truckloads previously needed for water hauling.

Drilling Innovation

We worked with Nabors Drilling Company to modify an existing rig to fit into the tight, narrow canyons and topography of the Rocky Mountains. This split rig requires about half the acreage of a typical drilling pad.

Committed to Colorado

In addition to our economic impact, we helped found the Community Counts organization and response line in Western Colorado to promote an open dialogue with community members.

Contact Us:

Denver Office: 303.572.3900

Parachute Office: 970.285.9377

100% recycled water

we go above and beyond to protect the environment – and have the awards to prove it.



Community Contacts

Learn more about WPX Energy in your community. Contact the representative for your area:

Susan Alvillar
Jeff Kirtland

Leasing Information

For information on leasing your mineral rights with WPX, please contact the WPX representative in your area:

Ilene Cohen

Direct Pay Tax Permits

The following resources provide updated information on our name change (from various Williams entities to WPX Energy entities) and for our direct pay tax permits.

Information on Name Change
Direct Pay Permit State of Colorado
Direct Pay Permit Garfield County
Direct Pay Permit Rio Blanco County

dig deeper

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing

We were one of the first producers to voluntarily disclose details about hydraulic fracturing.

The Strength of Our People

The Strength of Our People

Learn what it’s like to work at WPX. We’re always looking for great people to join our team.

Ten Years. Zero Accidents.

Ten Years. Zero Accidents.

Our staff in the Powder River Basin has gone 10 years without a lost-time accident.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Learn how WPX benefits the communities where we operate.

Inspired. Involved. We’re WPX.

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WPX is building relationships with San Juan College School of Energy. In fact, the San Juan Basin is home to our company's first natural gas properties (circa 1983). Jordan Domingo (front left) and Jerrick Sandoval (front right) are recipients of a scholarship program we support. WPX is proud to help promote our industry to young people who are considering careers in oil and gas.
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$WPX completed 253 gross #natgas wells in #PiceanceBasin in 2014, compared to 250 gross wells in 2013
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WPX reduced its drilling times in the San Juan Basin's Gallup oil play by 40% last year to an average of 13.5 days per well. Now we're improving more, drilling one well in just 8.9 days already this year. Learn more about our operations results at

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$725 million capital plan in 2015

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