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proven partners

If you’re one of our existing royalty owners, you already know about the strength of our word.

Bob Duggan - Landowner

We see our landowners as partners. We treat them fairly. Our landmen stay in touch every step of the way.

We talk about what we’re going to develop, where and when we’re building temporary roads, where our drilling rig will be set up, when the rig is coming in and when we’ll be drilling. Plus, we won’t just talk at you; we’ll consult with you.

Sometimes the landowner has a different and better idea on where a tank should go. Sometimes we help improve something on the land – a pond, a road, a fence.

And even after the rig is gone, we’ll stay in touch. If we have to come back on the land, we’ll ask permission. We’re committed to our partnerships. You have the strength of our word.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us at 866.326.3190.

Working Interest Owners

Partner Production Reports


For information on leasing your mineral rights or pursuing a business development opportunity with WPX, please contact:

VP Land

Greg Geist

Director of Business Development & A&D

Don Davis

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WPX experts like JoDell Mizoue help the company comply with federal and state regulations.

Environmentally Sound

Environmentally Sound

We believe doing what’s right means going beyond what’s required.

Shared Interests

Shared Interests

We’re committed to the environment and quality of life in all of our communities.



Some companies change their names and call it good. At WPX, we changed nearly everything else. Now we're pursuing the greatest growth trajectory in our history.

WPX: A Bias For Action

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$WPX is doing more water recycling in the Permian Basin. We're hiring specialists to support these operations. Lear…
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WPX is doing more water recycling in the Permian Basin. We're hiring specialists to support these operations. Learn more and apply online at
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Rapidly shifted production mix to more than 50% oil

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