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Marcia Brueggenjohann

Marcia Brueggenjohann has had quite the career path – from working offshore on a drilling rig to teaching to working for a steel mill and living overseas.

Ultimately, she returned full circle to oil and gas. Today, she's a reservoir engineering manager for WPX supporting our operations in the San Juan Basin.

She joined the company in early 2007 and will soon celebrate her sixth year with WPX.

In her role, she leads a staff of five who helps prepare a portion of our annual reserves report for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Marcia also works with geologists and our drilling team to evaluate new prospects. She provides perspectives on what projects are economically viable. 

Marcia has a funny story, too, that involves her mother. Hear her tell it in her own words.

Inspired. Involved. We’re WPX.

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"This nation’s energy policies should ensure that future generations of Americans inherit an energy secure and prosperous nation"

Energy Abundance and Global Energy Leadership
Today, the United States leads in petroleum products, refining and natural gas production, and we’re on track to lead in the production of crude oil; facts reinforced by last week’s EIA Annual Energy Outlook.
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