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WPX’s CBR-22 pad successfully tested nine wells at 15 wells-per-section in the upper and lower Wolfcamp A landing zones using wine-racked spacing. This represents the industry’s most densely spaced test in the Delaware Basin to date. Initial flowback started as planned at the end of the first quarter.

The nine wells have 30-day production averaging 1,538 Boe/d (51% oil) per well during controlled flowback with an initial flowing tubing pressure of 3,000 PSI per well. Total cumulative production from the nine wells exceeds 250,000 barrels of oil to date. The highest single well peak rate so far is 2,193 Boe/d (50% oil).  

Early time production data and downhole pressure gauges in each well indicate minimal communication. WPX continues to monitor production, pressures and will conduct interference tests in the coming months.

Three 1-mile laterals in the Wolfcamp A interval associated with the newly acquired Panther operations in the first quarter are tracking above the original offset well that has a projected type curve of 1 million barrels of oil. These three wells are in central Reeves County.

The Mac State 20-1H well had a peak rate of 2,328 Boe/d and 30-day production averaging 2,234 Boe/d (56% oil). The Fiver State 18-1H well had a peak rate of 2,073 Boe/d and 30-day production averaging 1,914 Boe/d (55% oil). The Titan State 16-1H well had a peak rate of 2,086 Boe/d with 30-day production averaging 1,987 Boe/d (53% oil).

In the Williston Basin, WPX completed nine two-mile laterals on three pads during the first quarter. The highest peak rate among the nine was 3,343 Boe/d (81% oil) on the Grizzly 24-13HG well.

The three wells on the Grizzly pad had a combined average peak of 2,806 Boe/d during initial flowback, along with 30-day production averaging 1,703 Boe/d per well. Three wells on the Caribou pad had a combined average peak of 2,885 Boe/d along with 30-day production averaging 2,145 Boe/d per well. The three wells on the Behr pad had a combined average peak of 1,977 Boe/d along with 30-day production averaging 1,375 Boe/d per well. These nine wells averaged 80 percent oil.

WPX’s first San Juan Basin completion of 2017– the 713H in the northeast portion of the West Lybrook unit – posted initial production of 1,410 Boe/d (74% oil).  


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$WPX COO at JP Morgan: "Self-sourcing is working exceptionally well for us. Gives us optionality and flexibility in our operations."
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WPX's Chief Operating Officer Clay Gaspar spoke at the J.P. Morgan energy conference on Monday. You can catch the webcast replay at Note: To access the event, sign in as a first-time user on the home screen, then accept the terms, then you'll be there.
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