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WPX completed its third Wolfcamp D and second Wolfcamp X/Y delineation wells in the fourth quarter. The three Wolfcamp D wells in Eddy and Loving counties validate the presence of Wolfcamp D throughout WPX’s Stateline acreage. The X/Y delineation work validates the presence of the X/Y in both the Stateline and Rustler Breaks areas.

The third D well – the Pecos State 46-5H – produced 1,628 Boe/d (22 percent oil) over 30 days of initial production at an average flowing tubing pressure of 3,069 PSI. The second X/Y well – the Pecos State 46-6H – produced 1,780 Boe/d (50 percent oil) over 30 days of initial production at an average flowing tubing pressure of 1,802 PSI.

Initial oil flows on WPX’s new Delaware crude gathering system started on Dec. 28. WPX already has 13 wells tied into the system. Work on the 50-mile crude line will continue throughout the year. The system has a planned capacity of 100,000 barrels of oil per day.

In the Williston Basin, WPX completed a total of 19 Williston DUCs during full-year 2016, including 14 in the fourth quarter. Nine 3-mile laterals on the Peterson, North Segment and Olive Mae pads had a combined average peak rate of 1,900 Boe/d. Ten 2-mile laterals on the Wells, Helena Ruth Grant and Owl Comes Out pads had a combined average peak rate of nearly 2,600 Boe/d.

According to publicly reported information, WPX’s new Williston wells in 2016 ranked first in the basin for cumulative oil production over 90-day and 180-day periods. The 90-day data was derived from more than 400 locations, including nine WPX wells. The 180-day data was derived from nearly 250 locations, including six WPX wells. These results highlight the success of how WPX continues to evolve its completion designs.

In the San Juan Basin, WPX’s six-well pad in the West Lybrook unit now has cumulative 180-day production of more than 1 million Boe (70% oil), which represents an average of approximately 1,000 Boe/d per well.  Also, two successful step-out delineation wells in the Kimbeto Wash and North Escavada areas have cumulative 160-day production of more than 250,000 boe (71% oil), which represents a combined average of approximately 875 Boe/d per well. 


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Our Innovations

Our Innovations

Learn more about some of our innovative technologies – like the split rigs we developed to access tight, narrow canyons in Western Colorado.

The Strength of Our People

The Strength of Our People

Learn what it’s like to work at WPX. We’re always looking for great people to join our team.

Poised for Growth

Poised for Growth

As of YE 2015, we have 271.6 MMBoe of proved reserves in our three core areas.

We Are WPX

We Are WPX

Learn more about us, our history and our values. At WPX, we’re inspired, involved and determined.

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