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protecting the land

We emphasize transparency, risk management and cooperative partnerships.

Carson National Forest Stewardship Award

The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service presented WPX with the Carson National Forest Stewardship Award, which highlights the company’s efforts to help preserve natural resources in New Mexico’s Jicarilla Ranger District.

The award pinpoints WPX’s use of green well completions, environmentally sound construction practices and reducing truck traffic.

“We want to be known for doing the right thing,” says Ken McQueen, WPX’s San Juan director. “This kind of recognition validates everything we’ve done to reach out and involve others in our plans.”

New Mexico Honors WPX for Middle Mesa Project

The state Bureau of Land Management office in Farmington, N.M., honored WPX for a three-year effort to create an environmental assessment plan for its Middle Mesa project. WPX worked closely with area environmental groups to protect native wildlife.

The company developed 32 mitigation measures, including tactics for quieter operations, reduced emissions and the reuse of produced water and flowback water from existing operations to hydraulically fracture new wells.

Although WPX’s plans for developing Middle Mesa have been deferred in the current natural gas price environment, the environmental assessment plan is still in place.

In addition, WPX has won:

Winner of the Best Field Rejuvenation in North America, from Oil and Gas Investor magazine

Two awards from the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management for improvements to public roads

The Cooperative Excellence and the Restore New Mexico awards from the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management for environmental stewardship

Honored by the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission 10 times since 2007, including Environmental Protection and Reclamation Award, Outstanding Operations, Reclamation Excellence and Drilling Innovation Award

Environmental appreciation award from United States Bureau of Land Management for Best Management Practices

Mule Deer

We’re partnering with the Colorado Division of Wildlife to study and track mule deer. In fact, Denny Behrens of the Colorado Mule Deer Association says that without the participation and assistance of the oil and gas industry, western deer herds would not be as healthy and vibrant as they are now.


WPX uses natural gas from our own wells as well as LNG in our drilling operations. We recently signed an agreement with an experienced LNG vendor who has supplied the fuel to 40 rigs on more than 1,200 wells in our industry.

Land and Lakes

We’re participating in a new cooperative to protect North Dakota’s Lake Sakakawea from the risk of spills. Lake Sakakawea is a reservoir in the Missouri River basin in central North Dakota. It’s the largest man-made lake in North Dakota and the third largest man-made lake in the United States. 

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WPX has more than 217,000 net acres in the San Juan Basin, including approx. 85,000 acres in the Gallup oil window.

We Are WPX

We Are WPX

Learn more about us, our history and our values. At WPX, we’re inspired, involved and determined.

Shared Interests

Shared Interests

We’re committed to the environment and quality of life in all of our communities.

Our Innovations

Our Innovations

Learn more about some of our innovative technologies – like the split rigs we developed to access tight, narrow canyons in Western Colorado.

WPX: A Total Transformation

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